Hans Thyge

Hans Thyge

Hans Thyge & Co. design studio consists of a handful of dedicated designers who collaborate closely. Their core values are decency, openness and dialogue. This produces relevant everyday designs that you’ll be happy to share your life with.

Tomorrow’s designs

According to Hans Thyge, consumer behaviour is becoming increasingly polarised. On the one hand, we’re happy to buy cheap goods as long as they fulfil a need. On the other, we’ve become more critical of the objects we embrace as part of our identity. The ones we love to talk about when we have visitors round. Happily, these “icons” are not just big-ticket items like the sofa or the kitchen.

They can just as easily be our waste sorting system, that little table lamp or the storage box on the office shelf. If you want your designs to be truly iconic, you have to be able to stay focused on the design. One captivating story is better than three you’ve heard before, according to Hans Thyge.

This brings us back to the theatre and the storytelling impetus. It resonates throughout the workflows and processes of the Hans Thyge team. When a good design idea is presented, the designers first of all try to understand where the idea has come from by having a conversation about it. Only then do they take it to the drawing board.

Simple, striking styling

Casting your eye over the boxes, you notice the contrast immediately. Industrial rawness on the one hand. Quintessential ‘hygge’, warmth and poetry on the other. The expressiveness makes an impression. It prods and pleases the onlooker. Sustainability in both styling and choice of materials is at the heart of this collaboration: the boxes are made from 100% recycled pulp (hence the name) and are 100% degradable. The sustainable aspect is just one of the criteria to be met by tomorrow’s designs, according to Hans Thyge.